Work with Chris

Personal Training

The vast majority of people desire to discipline their bodies and improve their fitness level, but lack the proper knowledge or guidance to get there. With 1 on 1 private personal training with me, your personal health & fitness needs are taken into account and are the main focus! Based on your fitness assesment, will develop a training regimen just for you.

The initial fitness assessment will include body fat percentage, ideal training heart rate zones, flexibility & coordination tests and prevention of future injuries. By calculating this, can draw from a wide variety of exercises including: calisthenics, endurance, plyometrics, balance, coordination, martial arts and strength training. So whether your goal is to slim or sculpt, I’m your man!

Group Training

If your enjoy training with friends but still would like your personal health & fitness goals addressed, then Group Training is for you! In groups of 2-5 people we target personal achievement by structuring it around team oriented activities. Not only is it a hell of a deal but there is the added benefit in which we attend events together! Events such as: Spartan Race, GO RUCK, Tough Mudder, 5ks, etc. Build your team and lets get to training!


Offering complementary in depth fitness & nutrition consulting that tailors to your personal health goals! If you are looking to shed some pounds, build some lean muscle or just want to better their overall health then lets talk! Have this available because I know once we sit down to go over your current fitness level, health goals and organize a plan to reach those goals you will realize how simple it can be to change your life! Any job is easy with the right tools & coaching!

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