“My process started out at 198 lbs. I was overweight and sluggish both mentally and physically. Once I began training with Chris I quickly saw a drastic difference in my everyday life! I was losing weight, building confidence, my mind was clearer and my disposition improved. Was able to get down to 175 lbs. Lost 20 lbs in under 8 weeks! I quickly became addicted to the feeling and have kept up with training ever since!”

                                                                                                   Will O. – New York, NY

“There is one chapter of my life last summer where I was at the top of my game both physically and mentally which I give Chris most of the credit! At age 61, Chris worked with me 3-4x weekly giving me the guidance confidence and professional knowledge to be the best I can be. After more than 30 years of trying to be physically fit it, wasn’t until I had Chris in my corner that I realized my potential. Whoever has the opportunity to have Chris as your trainer you will be successful! I know it because I am proof!”

                                                                                        Sharon B. – White Plains, NY

“When I started working out with Chris I didn’t expect much of myself. What Chris did was not only push me psychologically to levels I didn’t know I could reach, but he also taught me the importance of confidence and commitment.”

                                                                                       Sebastian A. – Greenwich, CT