Workout of the Week


Its been pouring past couple of days so great for opportunity for running! Water adds for extra weight! =D

Aside from staying dry and hydrated 😛 Lets get down to it!

The Warm Up:

∞ 5 min. Dynamic Stretching

∞ 1-2 mi. Run w/ a cool down jog last 1/4 mi.


The Workout:

∞ 25 Push Ups

∞ 20 Chair Dips

∞ 25 Sit Ups

∞ 15 Diamond Push Ups

∞ 10 Wide Pull Ups

∞ 25 Flutter Kicks (Utilize a 4 Count)

∞ 5-10 Dive Bomber Push Ups

∞ 10 Close Grip Pull Ups

∞ 25 Russian Twists (Add 10 lb. Med. ball or dumbell for extra resistance)

Hydrate & Repeat 4x


*Bonus Round!*

∞ 10 One Arm Push Ups (each arm)


The Cool Down:

∞ Jump Rope. 2 min on, 1 min off

∞ Static & Dynamic Stretch


Stay Infinite my friends,

– Chris



8-Pack Shortcut Workout

Below is a workout Iike to call the 8-Pack Shortcut Workout! It is a workout that I created for people that really busy and don’t have enough time for a full length workout.

This circuit can be completed either first thing in the morning or right before bed. Each exercise is in 30 sec. intervals with a 1 min. rest at the end. If you find it is a little too difficult, do 30 reps of each exercise instead. Try it out and send me your experience!

8-Pack Shortcut Workout
(30 sec. Intervals)

In n Outs


Mountain Twists

Straight leg reverse crunches

Alternating V Sit-Ups

Oblique V-Ups ( 30 sec. each side.)

Laying Down Sprints

Russian Twist

Rest 1 min. Repeat 2x


Stay Infinite my Friends!

– Chris