As a personal trainer and nutrition consultant, when it comes to training, my focus is on developing and refining individuals to be their best selves. I have had the privilege of training with athletes, martial artists, military personnel, boxers, dancers and health enthusiasts! Regarding nutrition consulting, can break down specific strengths and weaknesses in average person’s diet and I am certified specifically in sports nutrition.

One of my heroes as a kid growing up was Bruce Lee. Growing up as an overweight teen, I was inspired by him to transform my life and take my health & fitness in a positive direction. What fascinated me about him was not just his skill as a martial artist nor his development of one of the most successful martial arts systems ever developed, but his philosophy. His philosophy about absorbing what his useful, discarding what is not and creating your own. This philosophy is one that I apply to all aspects of my life. As an avid practitioner of: Muay Thai, Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Break Dancing, really love participating and learning new forms of martial arts, dance and physical activities like obstacle course races, kyaking and rock climbing.

My journey as a fitness coach began while attending college. A couple friends asked me for help getting fit. So what began as a favor/hobby eventually and inevitable grew into a passion! Coaching and mentoring has become so ingrained in who I am that I have been doing it ever since! Since achieving high levels of physical fitness myself, there is no better feeling than paying that forward and helping others to achieve their goals and discover their own personal greatness!

It is my mission to coach and mentor in a manner of uplifting and strengthening capabilities of my clients in every area, on every level. We accomplish this task by addressing key issues in conjunction with building internal support, all the while of establishing realistic yet outstanding goals that will guide and ensure your success!